Corvette was published with little fanfare and quickly shot up the sales charts on Amazon like no other book in my inventory had since Starstrikers. It blasted right past Starstrikers into its own orbit. I made serious money on that little book, and it did exactly what I had hoped it would do, bring in fans to the Star Saga. It also sold well enough to get me into SFWA, the professional writer's organization for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers.

Readers really responded to the hero of Corvette, a young commander named Armon Vance. The overwhelming response to that book was led me to consider writing the next Vance story. Again, I had been caught flat-footed with no sequel ready. So I stopped what I was writing at the time and cranked out a second book and then a third. But while I was working on the second book of the Starship Series, I realized how I could end the series. I could bring Vance's story right up to the front door of Starforgers where readers could carry on with the Star Saga. How many novellas would it take to get me there? Nine, of course.

The Starship Series takes place over the career of Armon Vance. The Corvette trilogy shows him becoming a Captain and chasing after the woman whom he had fallen for and then left him to become the mate of a legendary pirate. Each trilogy in this series would be separated by roughly ten to fifteen years and would end with him joining a group of civilian explorers. At the time of this writing, I'm working on editing the middle trilogy and writing the final trilogy of that series.

Here is the algorithm for each "trilogy":

  • Short Story Anthology Vol 1 - Featuring the early days of main character from the novels.
  • Short Story Anthology Vol 2 - May or may not happen for each trilogy.
  • First Novel - Introduction of the new set of characters and their mission.
    • First Novella - Focusing on one of the main characters with a side adventure, usually featuring starfighters.
  • Second Novel - Middle book where bad things happen to the main characters.
    • Second novella - Another side quest, possibly featuring the villain.
  • Third Novel - The final novel where the trilogy wraps up.

I expect to get back to the Star Saga sometime in 2022. That original nine book series has now grown into a set of five book trilogies with a nine book lead-in series. I'm tired just thinking about all the writing I have to do before I die. Over the years I have been developing a single universe and have written over a dozen books in it. I'm not tired of it yet. I love every story I tell in the Star Saga Universe. I hope readers will stick with me until it's complete. I also really hope I live that long.