I'm currently editing the second or middle trilogy of the Starship Series. This trilogy is known as the Destroyer trilogy because Captain Vance is the captain of a Destroyer for the duration. It takes a long time to edit, proof, design the cover and create the ebook. So each book will be out as soon as it's ready. I was going to do all three and release them one after another, but that has proven to be damn near impossible. I write too much and there's too many things to fix and create after the first draft. If writing were my full-time job, I would be able to put out more books.

I'm also in the process of writing the final three books, the Explorer Trilogy. The plan is to get these novellas completed before diving into the Star Saga again. When I do get back to the middle trilogy of the Star Saga, expect it to include writing a dozen or so short stories about Joules Rouse and possibly a few of the Starstrikers. So much left to write.